Rift’s current warfronts can be fun. They each have a different objective that plays into how the map is to be played. The issue comes from the fact that most players simply go for kills. They ignore objectives (some will actually go out of their way to do so), sometimes out of not understanding what’s going on and sometimes due to just not caring. As someone who runs a lot of warfronts, this has been a recurring issue. While some will be doing the objectives properly, the vast majority don’t. To help resolve this, Rift really needs a match that is based on one thing and one thing only: kills.

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For those of you that are just getting involved with the Nightmare Tide dungeons and need some help, we've been working on putting together some guides for the latest dungeons, with three live and others coming shortly!

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When it comes to finding groups for content in Rift, being able to look across other servers increases the pool to choose from significantly. This is largely done through the chat system, but joining chats for each server is not only inefficient - it's pretty much impossible due to limits on how many channels you are able to join at once. Sure, cycling through them is a possibility, but what if you could just jump into a single room where players all collaborate? Luckily, this is a reality!

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This is a question that was asked on the forums from a player named "foretje," and it sparked a decent amount of conversation. I also put some thought into it, and I'd like to take a look at why this would be an awesome addition to the game.

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Trion has recently announced a brand new type of rift coming to the game, called Nightmare Rifts. These start coming in (with their first tier) on October 8th, and are a preparation for what's to come with the new expansion, Rift: Nightmare Tide.


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Trion has consistently worked towards making Rift a more enjoyable game, and an awesome feature that they have added (at least in a test version) is support for the Oculus Rift. The community, however, appears to be showing hostility towards this decision.


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Rift's Planar Attunement system is a form of alternative advancement. While the game currently has a total of 60 levels, players can continue leveling through the ability to earn points that unlock passive and active bonuses and skills. This system is called Planar Attunement.

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RIFT’s new Unicornalia event takes place in Moonshade Highlands, culminating in a battle against Ezmodeamus. As a reward for this event, you can obtain a limited edition mount: Onyx Unicorn! Read on for the guide on what you need to do (and also how to obtain the Opal Unicorn)!


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