When doing Instant Adventures in Rift, there are times when you'd probably want to pick your zone, rather than it always being random. This guide covers how to do just that!


The Instant Adventure system (default key ".") is set up to automatically put you into a random zone. When this isn't something you want (such as wanting to go to Freemarch instead of elsewhere), you can also pick your own zone. To do this is easy:


  • Go to the zone you want to run an Instant Adventure in (for example, Freemarch)
  • Use the "mentoring" system to lower your level to a level that's appropriate for the adventures (as an example, for Freemarch you can lower yourself to level 10)
  • Open your Instant Adventure tab


If your level was set in the right bracket, you will now see your menu has changed. Here's an example of the Freemarch one:




There are a couple things to remember here, however:


  • You can not change your mentor level once you are in the Instant Adventure
  • If you choose the random adventure, you can still end up with a higher level one (of which it will then boost your ascended level back up), so be sure to choose the zone-specific choice


Thanks for reading, and if there are any questions or suggestions for future guides, please contact us!