The Battle for Port Scion is the one warfront within Rift that utilizes a “PvPvE” structure. What this means is that rather than going for a straight player-killing system, it also has NPC's (mobs) that are involved in completing the warfront. At the same time, this also means that there is a bit more to be aware of when doing this one. Throughout this Battle of Port Scion warfront guide we'll be looking at the different aspects, as well as some strategies to employ within.


First let's take a look at how the points are calculated. With this battle, the goal is to obtain 1000 before your enemies do (or have more than them when the timer runs out) or take down the enemy commander. Points are granted for all of the following objectives:


  • Killing normal mobs – 1 point

  • Killing elite mobs – 10 points

    • Shadespawn Terror guarding the southern sourcestone (elite mob) – 50 points

  • Killing objectives – 100 points (these include Planar Capacitator and Planar Flux for Guardians, Idol of the Planes and Idol of the Gods for Defiants)

  • Returning sourcestones to your commander – 30 points

    • With each Idol that is destroyed, this is decreased by 10 points. With one Idol up, you will earn 20 points per successful return and with no Idols up you will earn 10

    • Along with the points, the Idols also affect a blockade that appears to the left of the spawn (Defiant) or to the right (Guardians) that leads to each team's respective commander. With both Idols up, there will be no blockade. With one Idol up, it will be partially blocked and with no Idols up, it will be completely blocked, forcing you to run the long way to your commander

  • Slay the enemy commander – 1,000 points (instant-win)

Boss Rush Method

The fastest way to win the match, by far, is to slay the enemy commander. If using this method, the best way to do it is to do the following:

  • Rush to the closest idol and destroy it. Ignore the guard NPC that comes to repair it!

  • Rush to the commander and take them on head-on with the other guard NPC and take down the commander as soon as possible. While doing this, simply ignore the guard

Using this method you can (with an organized group that is working together) finish the match in under 2 minutes. If you're having problems with a lack of DPS, a more failsafe way to handle this is to take down both idols and rush to the commander. Doing this, however, takes more time that you may not have.

Turtle Method

If your team is not going for the enemy commander or just doesn't have the power, the way to win this match is by capturing Sourcestones. With both idols up these are worth 30 points each, making them very valuable. The locations of all of the objectives are shown on the map below:

Rift Port of Scion Warfront Map


In the northern area (the church) is where you will find a mini-boss (on the second floor) that is worth 50 points and spawns an elite minion to help your team out. In the southern area you will find a drake that is worth 50 points as well, however there is nothing special about it. These should be the first two targets when the match starts, and then a few players should run with the elite minion (he'll spawn at your commander) to help kill enemy players and keep him healed.

The bridge in the middle of the map (right between the text “Battle” and “for” on it) is a closer spawn point to the church and southern Sourcestone. When running them, this is the best area to have captured as it significantly decreases the run required to get back to the action and keep running more stones.

It's worth noting that during this match, you will not earn any credit for killing any players (towards the objectives), however you will still get Favor, Prestige and drops. For any other kills, however, points are earned.


Along with the normal warfront objectives, there are also 4 repeatable quests you can do that will reward you with extra notoriety (50 per completion) and are used towards achievements. These do not count towards the objectives needed to win the match, however they do grant the personal benefits. You can do these as many times as you wish. They are as follows:

  • Order in the Court (Guardian) or Court is Adjourned (Defiant)

    • Defeat Endless Court 0/10

  • Relics of Piety (Guardian) or Relics of Knowledge (Defiant)

    • Recover Relics in Port Scion 0/6

  • Ending it All (Guardian) or End of it All (Defiant)

    • Defeat Ithluk the Maimed

  • No Mercy for the Heretic (Guardian) or The End of Ignorance (Defiant)

    • Defeat Defiant Soldiers 0/10

In terms of completing these quests, the only one not finished through normal play is Relics of Piety/Relics of Knowledge. This one requires you to pick up chests found throughout the map. The best plan, however, is to simply grab all of the quests, play through the warfront and turn in/grab new quests as you run by the NPC. You can easily knock out 10 or so quests per warfront. Note: when you exit The Battle of Port Scion, all of these quests are removed. As a result, you will have to restart any incomplete ones every match.

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