One of the new games brought about by Parade of the Dragons is called “Wheel of Fate.” The actual quest for this is called Place Your Bets! This is a gambling game that allows players to risk Platinum to earn more Platinum. At this point, the Wheel of Fate is still disabled due to exploits.


Soon after the Wheel of Fate was opened, as part of the Phase 2 event, it was disabled due to exploits revolving around the game, allowing players to accrue a large amount of Platinum with little to no risk. After this was fixed, it was re-opened and was then soon shut down a second time due to another exploit that was found with the game.


Finding bugs within games, especially MMO's, will always be a common thing. The nature of the games themselves make them very susceptible to various tricks and attacks. As a result, we've now lost one of the games that were part of this new event. Whether it will be back (as well as when) is not known at this point. Hopefully the problems are resolved though, and no new ones are found.


As a PSA as well: please don't exploit game mechanics. All it does is cause everyone to be punished. Just like with the Wheel of Fate, the actions of few affect many others.


Revision 1: The game is online! It can be found on the far back boat in Shimmersand where all the games are located.