One of the most common questions asked in Rift is what to do at level 50. Different players are interested in different aspects of the game, so here we'll take a look at the various areas.


Rift is primarily focused on end-game content. As the level cap is currently level 50, that's when the expansive world really starts to open up. At this point, there are many things to do, depending on what interests you. The things included are:


  • Dungeons

    • Enter dungeon queues by pressing the “i” key and just jump on in, or group with friends and join the queues together

  • Raiding

    • This will require multiple players. The raids are separated into tiers, as well as types (10/20-man). On populated servers you can usually PUG these, however getting together with a guild is much more beneficial. Note: the time commitment for raiding can be large

  • Notoriety Farming

    • For notoriety, you can visit any of the zones you still require it in and run quests you may have missed, or you can run that zone's dungeons to earn notoriety on every kill within! The fastest way to do this is to run the normal versions of those dungeons

  • Crafting

    • Crafting can be done at any level, but if you haven't done it already level 50 opens up the doors as you'll have both time and money available. To get started with this, speak to any of the crafting trainers in Meridian or Sanctum and pick up your tradeskills. Note: this can be very cost-intensive, so keep that in mind

  • Invasions (including Onslaughts)

    • Invasions are the “dynamic” part of Telara, where players have to work together to achieve a common goal. These invasions happen often and you can find them on the map if they are running. If you don't want to wait for them, you can set up notifications via Rift Mobile. Along with the invasions, you can do Onslaughts on Ember Isle, which happen quite often!

  • Story-Based Questing

    • There are multiple story lines within Rift that you may have missed. These take place starting at the beginning of the game and lead through end-game, including a whole storyline on Ember Isle.

  • PvP

    • PvP has a total of 40 ranks, with gear that you can get as you rank up. Along with this, it grants Planar Attunement experience, helping get your character's stats up. A secondary part of PvP is PvP rifts, which allow you to run a somewhat PvPvE aspect of the game. For instanced PvP, you can access the queues by pressing the "K" key

  • Exploring

    • There is a lot of land to explore, and along the way you will find puzzles, cairns and other things you might have otherwise missed!

  • Instant Adventures!

    • You can run Instant Adventures, which are generally pretty quick and span across various areas of Shimmersand and Stillmoor. You can access this via the "." key

  • Chronicles

    • Chronicles are raid-type instances that are for one or two players, and help follow the story of the different raid zones and also give rewards. These are not an alternative for becoming raid geared, however they are great for casual players or those more interested in the lore than the rewards. These can be accessed via the "J" key

  • Achievements

    • There are many achievements you can obtain (default key “H” for the listing), which can give special rewards or just be used for bragging rights and to show off! They can also be considered as “completion” of the current game state, if that's what you're going for. Note: some of them deal with the things mentioned previously.


As you can see, when it comes to what to do at level 50, there are a lot of choices. And with the content patches being released quite often, there will always be more added to the above categories, or possibly even new ones in the future!