A long-awaited feature many players have been wanting in Rift is coming to us with patch 1.9: barbershops. This is a step towards more customization on your characters.


With this new feature, players are able to change any feature of their character that was chosen during creation, other than the race and gender. This includes all of the following things:


  • Face – 4p26g34s

  • Eyes – 1p55g87s

  • Nose – 1p70g31s

  • Mouth – 2p6g32s

  • Ears – 56g78s

  • Hair – 28g39s

  • Markings – 28g39s

  • Body – 14p70g45s


And the total cost of editing everything is 25p42g85s, however you are not required to edit each thing. Note: the prices above are for level 50's. They will likely be cheaper for lower level characters. It is also worth noting that the prices are static, depending on what you wish to change. Whether you do a small edit or a large one to height, for example, the cost will remain the same.


As for where these barber NPC's can be found, they are in the following locations:

Meridian Barbershop - Alexa



Sanctum Barbershop - Filippo



These new Rift barbershops are a great addition to the game, in that players can now change the looks of their characters without the requirement of re-rolling! This change should be coming live in the upcoming patch 1.9 later this month (estimated).