With Rift's first expansion, Storm Legion, came about new zones. As part of this, new Instant Adventures were also introduced. How do the Cape Jule IA's stack up to the existing ones? Read on to find out!


The old Instant Adventures were arguably easy, whether you were working on them solo or in a group. Part of this was likely due to the mentoring system (resulting in higher leveled players taking part in lower level IA's), as well as just taking place in easier zones. With the new Cape Jule Instant Adventures, however, this is not quite the case.


With my experience with the Cape Jule IA's, they've been difficult enough to have groups actually working together to complete them. The majority so far have been based on just killing enemies, and even that can be difficult. Take, for example, the following mob:




While this is a normal mob, it has 246k health! For classes and builds that are not able to heal themselves easily, this requires more than one person to take down, as it can take a while. There are, of course, elites as well, but this is an example of a new mob type, classified as “Empowered.” These are all normal mobs with significantly increased health. They take the same form as other mobs (for example, there are also normal Terrormaws as well), so it's important to watch out when going around attacking things, as you might accidentally pull a couple of these in using an AoE and not realize it.


When looking at the experience rewards for the new Instant Adventures, they're really about the same as those found in Ember Isle. They're not the best, but as you level up they start to become more efficient as you can always find mobs that are your level (which keeps you from dealing with the lower experience for killing lower level mobs). Along with this, the item drops are much better, so you can help upgrade gear while working on them. As a result, if the choice is between Cape Jule and Ember Island, it's definitely better to go to Cape Jule.


If you're looking to maximize the speed at which these adventures are completed (and therefore increasing the rewards you earn), it's best to join when there are at least 7 others already taking part. While more players does increase the difficulty of them slightly, it's not done so in a linear fashion. The result is that they are finished much quicker, and the survivability of the group as a whole also increases with it. Just be sure to stick with the group and not wander off!